Recent Academic Papers


 Koski A and Heymann J. Changes in support for the continuation of female genital mutilation/cutting and religious views on the practice in 19 countries. Global Public Health. 2018

Koski A, Strumpf EC, Kaufman JS, Frank J, Heymann J, and Nandi A. The impact of eliminating primary school tuition fees on child marriage in sub-Saharan Africa: A quasi-experimental evaluation of policy changes in 8 countries. PLoS ONE. 13(5): e0197928

Koski A and Heymann J. Child marriage in the United States: How Common Is the Practice, And Which Children Are at Greatest Risk?
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 50(2); DOI 10.1363/psrh12055    [coverage in Teen Vogue]


 Koski A and Heymann J. Thirty-year trends in the prevalence and severity of female genital mutilation: A comparison of 22 countries.             BMJ Global Health 2 (4) e000467; DOI: 10.1136/bmjgh-2017-000467

Koski A, Clark S, and Nandi A. Has child marriage declined in sub-Saharan Africa? An analysis of trends in 31 countries.
Population and Development Review 43(1): 7-29   [media

Clark S, Koski A, and Smith-Greenaway E. Recent trends in premarital fertility across sub-Saharan Africa.
Studies in Family Planning 48(1): 3-22   [media]


Nandi A, Hajizadeh M, Harper S, Koski A, Strumpf EC, and Heymann SJ. Increased duration of paid maternity leave lowers infant mortality in low- and middle-income countries: a quasi-experimental study. PLoS Medicine 13(3): e1001985   [media]